AirDeck… it lives!!!

Here is some video I shot shortly after my project presentation which demonstrates the AirDeck virtual theremin application I designed and explains some of the features. It uses the Wii remote as an input mechanism by tracking motion with Infrared LEDs. The AirDeck is written in Java with the WiiUseJ API for handling Wii remote events and the JSyn API for internal synthesis. It can control MIDI out as well as offering a simple DJ scratch interface for real-time manipulation of sound samples similar to a DJ scratching with vinyl records. After about a year of working on this project, I am very relieved that it is finished. I’ve learned a lot and am looking forward to possibly working on other similar concepts in the not too distant future.

6 thoughts on “AirDeck… it lives!!!

  1. Hi, thanks for the feedback. I am considering releasing code but it is quite messy. Was there an aspect you were particularly interested in?

  2. I love it!!!
    i see a lot of options by using the midi output and a midi bridge!
    Vould u pleaaaase release the code or AR program..


  3. Hi, great work!
    I’m also very interested in it and if you plan to free the software itself or the source code I would be very happy to give it a look/try!
    Congratulations again for this cool piece of software!

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