Music has been a fundamental passion for me since childhood. Growing up, I was a woodwind player. In high school I learned about the WX7 wind controller which broadened my musical interests into MIDI, synthesis and sampling. Subsequently, I was introduced to electonic music and started mixing back in the early 90s in the Los Angeles underground dance music scene under the moniker DJ Mojo. I was rewarded with several high profile residencies including What? afterhours, Insomniac and F.A.M.I.L.Y. and have also been a featured guest for many other Los Angeles event productions including Fresh Produce, Audiotistic, as well as the early Nocturnal Wonderland and Electric Daisy Carnival festivals, to name a few. I have gigged in several other cities including Denver, Dallas, San Francisco and Washington D.C. Writing record reviews for the magazines Net.Werk and Lotus was also an honor and a privilege.

I still DJ recreationally and work on music in my spare time. I enjoy a very eclectic taste in music which spans multiple genres. I grew up on classical, jazz, classic rock and yes, even some disco. I came of age with new wave, funk, punk, industrial, hip hop, reggae and alternative. I’ve spun a wide variety of styles including breaks, downtempo, house, old school techno and drum & bass. And I’ve matured by both opening my mind to good music regardless of style and trying to follow the history and roots of all the music I love back to the influences and roots. For me, a good set isn’t just about mixing good records well, but taking the listener on a journey and telling a complete story.

I am currently working in the IT field and am working towards finishing my B.A. in Computer Systems with a minor in Recording Arts. I enjoy working on programming music software and developing new music interfaces. This blog is intended to highlight some of my project work, including the virtual theremin software I programmed in Java using the Wii remote, as well as anything interesting and techy related to music software, performance, programming, production or the DJ craft. This will also serve as a repository for me to showcase my mixes and tracks and pay homage to some of the artists and DJs who have been influential to me along the way.

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