Mojo Tunes – Bionic Brew

During the last Winter Quarter, I took the Advanced Electronic Music class, as required by my Recording Arts minor. I was excited to do so as I had just purchased Cakewalk Sonar 8 and was anxious to get working with it. We were tasked to create another original piece and while most of the class was again using Pro-Tools, my professor was gracious enough to let me do my thing with Sonar. This song is the result.

I’ve always enjoyed contrasts, so this song is an attempt to contrast organic sounding material with synthetic elements; also contrasting an upbeat jazzy mood with darker, moodier tones. Hence the name Bionic Brew. The initial melody line is latin lounge flavored with a little bit of funkiness; again my exposure to the Hotel Costes type sound is showing. Then it gets into an analogue synth arpeggiation and on into a spy vs. spy kind of bridge, capped off with a touch of scratching. One of the things I experimented with a lot on this tune is the use of LFO to modulate different parameters of a waveform through another waveform and I was able to come up with a few interesting sounds using Sonar’s z3ta synth module in this fashion. Again, probably not the most dance floor ready or DJ-friendly track, nonetheless… I present Bionic Brew.

Bionic Brew

Bionic Brew © 2008 Mojo’s Dojo